What Is CANPav?

CANPav is a free, safe, secure website where users can quickly compare the short and long-term costs associated with different paving alternatives. CANPav is unique because users have complete control over inputs and can save their own material costs in the “My Preferences/My Material Costs” portion of their account.

CANPav includes a comprehensive matrix of equivalent concrete and asphalt pavement designs for various traffic levels and subgrade strengths, acquired by the international consulting firm Applied Research Associates, Inc (ARA). ARA made use of the next generation pavement design software, DARWin-ME, which builds upon the National Cooperative Highway Research Program’s (NCHRP) mechanistic-empirical pavement design guide. CANPav will compare the initial construction costs as well as identify the anticipated maintenance required on the pavement structures over a 50 year period with the corresponding lifecycle cost.

CANPav also allows users to store projects in the “My Saved Projects” portion of their account for future reference, and will also generate PDF reports.